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VeigaCapital UK is a specialised office management company that was established by a group of experienced people who thought through your daily needs and created a very comprehensive solution to save you time and energy.

We are an efficient company that aims to make our client’s life easier. Built with SMEs contractors in mind, VeigaCapital UK has a vast range of solutions for your daily office tasks regarding your Human Resources information, that once combined will provide you with the best results.

With VeigaCapital UK you no longer have to lose your precious time managing your office daily tasks, like staff’s payroll, documentation and training records, giving you the time to grow.

Because when you grow … we grow

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Our services

Payroll Service

Staff payments on behalf of the clients as well as all required tax payments to HMRC

Personal Details Organization

Organising your staff personal details by dealing with all their personal information, next of kin details, ID validation, bank details, checking training and medical records

Training booking

Organising specialised training by dealing with bookings for new or renewal certifications

Timesheets Calculations

Calculate our client’s staff wages based on timesheets provided by him

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