You can register for self-employment by calling the HMRC CIS office on 0300 200 3210. Once registered for self-employment your Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number will be posted to you. Once you have this number you will be registered on the CIS scheme. Please note that you will have to activate this UTR number by calling the HMRC upon receipt.

Is a tax regime set out by HM Revenue and Customs with a set of special rules for handling payments to self-employed subcontractors within the construction industry. A benefit of being paid under the CIS scheme is that you could be entitled to 20% tax deductions and are also able to claim expenses at the end of the financial year.

Yes, we can. This will depend on client payroll plan.

Yes, we will submit all the necessary information to pension provider.

Yes , we do at  no extra charge to client or employee.

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