The CIS is a HMRC scheme which applies if a contractor works for the construction industry as a self-employed individual.

On a self-employed basis (under the CIS scheme) we will ensure that your sub-contractors’ taxes will be paid on time and accurate in line with current regulations. Working with us will also give you peace of mind knowing that you will not incur fees.

CIS timesheets can be uploaded directly on our platform, and we will process these on your behalf. We will withhold CIS tax on payments and pay them to HMRC on behalf of the sub-contractor. The tax amount of tax deducted will depend on whether they’re registered as a sub-contractor under the CIS. Working with us means that we will run the checks required to apply the correct tax to each individual. We will also verify their Right to Work in the UK and pass this information to our client so you can ensure that all legal aspects of this scheme are being met.

Sub-Contractors will receive a statement of earnings at the end of each tax period. We will also guide them directly on how to obtain their:

Right to Work  –

CIS registration

UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference)

National Insurance Number

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