Calculate our client’s staff wages based on timesheets provided

Veiga Capital UK knows that it can be very difficult in a busy company to keep track of payments and get them done on time.

In addition, you are likely to be in breach of contract if you get your staff payments late, giving them the right to simply stop working and take legal proceedings against your company. The solution is simple: VeigaCapital UK.

Companies must ensure their staff are paid on time every time and we are here to help you. With us is a click away.

Prepare a timesheet at the end of each payment period, which details exactly how many hours your staff have worked and promptly submit it to us.

The timesheet will be passed to our experts’ team which will process your staff wages accordantly with what was agree with you in contract and complying with HM Revenue tax law.

It is your responsibility to check that your staff times are accurate and authorised per your company’s policies by signing the timesheets.

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